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Smoked Hot Sauce

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Our classic 1-Star winning hot sauce with hints of smoke and fermented funk.

Hot sauce makes everything taste better. And our Shedletsky’s hot sauces have been hand-made to be extra delicious. We carefully source the best ingredients to craft our range of sauces, tasting and testing to create the perfect balance of sweet, spice and sour to make wonderful hot sauces that are extra addictive. We even ferment and smoke some of our ingredients to give each sauce a unique flavour profile you’re sure to love. STORAGE: To keep your Shedletsky’s hot sauce in peak condition, store it in the fridge. It should last six months there. Shake well before use but be careful when you open your hot sauce as the fermentation process can cause a build up of pressure and you want your hot sauce on your food, not across your kitchen

INGREDIENTS: Chilli, garlic, salt, tomato, vinegar, sugar, xantham gum