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Vegan Kimchi

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A vegan version of our classic kimchi. All the taste, none of the anchovy sauce!

We love kimchi. It’s a natural superfood, packed with gut-friendly lacto bacteria. Plus it tastes great! We ferment our kimchi for at least 14 days before jarring it for maximum funkiness and tartness. Our kimchi is always unpasteurised and additive free to preserve the great taste and health be nefits.

Enjoy yours as a side dish or experiment with it in your cooking.

STORAGE: Keep your Shedletsky’s kimchi in the fridge. It will last up to 6 months. Over this time, your kimchi will continue to ferment, becoming fizzier and softer. This is natural. It will also produce CO² as it ferments. “Burp” your jars regularly by opening the lid to release the excess gas

INGREDIENTS: Napa cabbage, daikon, carrot, red pepper flakes, glutinous rice flour, spring onion, sugar, mushroom, kombu, ginger, garlic, salt